Aloevera, also known as “కలబంధ” (kalabandha) in Telugu, is a succulent plant species that is native to the Arabian Peninsula. It is widely cultivated for its medicinal and agricultural uses. The plant has thick, fleshy leaves that contain a gel-like substance, which is commonly used in various skincare and health products.


Aloevera is pronounced as “al-oh-veer-uh”.


Some synonyms for aloevera include Indian aloe, Barbados aloe, and Curacao aloe.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: ఆలోవీరా పుష్పం (aloevera pushpam) – aloevera flower
  • Noun: ఆలోవీరా రసం (aloevera rasam) – aloevera juice
  • Noun: ఆలోవీరా పండు (aloevera pandu) – aloevera fruit
  • Noun: ఆలోవీరా ఆకు (aloevera aaku) – aloevera leaf

Example sentences:

  1. ఆలోవీరా పుష్పం చాలా అందంగా ఉంది. (Aloevera pushpam chala andhanga undi) – The aloevera flower looks very beautiful.
  2. ఆలోవీరా రసం ఆరోగ్యకరంగా ఉంటుంది. (Aloevera rasam aarogyakaranga untundi) – Aloevera juice is beneficial for health.
  3. ఆలోవీరా పండు తినడం ఆరోగ్యకరం. (Aloevera pandu tinadam aarogyakaram) – Eating aloevera fruit is healthy.
  4. ఆలోవీరా ఆకులు చాలా పెద్దవి. (Aloevera aakulu chala peddavi) – Aloevera leaves are very big.


The antonym for aloevera in Telugu is “అల్లంపు” (allampu).

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