Allright: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning in Telugu:

అల్ల్రైట్ (allright)




– Okay
– Fine
– Good
– Acceptable
– Satisfactory

Nearby Words:

– Allotment (noun) – కొట్టేందుకు (kotteenduku) – The act of allocating or distributing something.
Example: The allotment of funds for the project was completed yesterday.

– Allot (verb) – కొట్టు (kottu) – To distribute or assign something.
Example: The teacher will allot the tasks to the students.

– All-out (adjective) – పూర్తిగా (poortiga) – Using all available resources or effort.
Example: The team made an all-out effort to win the game.

– Allottee (noun) – కొట్టేదారు (kottedaru) – A person who is assigned or granted something.
Example: The land allottee was given ownership rights.


తప్పు (tappu)

Whether you say “allright” or “alright,” the meaning remains the same. In Telugu, “allright” is translated as “అల్ల్రైట్” (allright). It is commonly used to express agreement, acceptance, or satisfaction. The pronunciation of “allright” is (awl-rahyt).

Synonyms for “allright” include “okay,” “fine,” “good,” “acceptable,” and “satisfactory.” These words can be used interchangeably depending on the context.

Some nearby words related to “allright” are “allotment,” “allot,” “all-out,” and “allottee.” These words have different meanings and parts of speech, but they are related to the concept of allocation, distribution, or assignment.

The antonym of “allright” in Telugu is “తప్పు” (tappu), which means “wrong.”

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