all year round

All Year Round: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms

Meaning: All year round refers to something that happens or is available throughout the entire year, without any seasonal limitations. It implies continuity or availability without interruption.

Pronunciation: (awl yeer round)

Synonyms: perennial, continuous, constant, everlasting, perpetual, unceasing, uninterrupted, ongoing, nonstop.

Nearby Words

1. Allotment (Noun): ఆలోచనలు (ālōcanalu) – The act of allocating or distributing something, especially land or time, for a specific purpose.

Example Sentence: The government made an allotment of land for the construction of a new school.

2. Annual (Adjective): వార్షిక (vārṣika) – Occurring once every year.

Example Sentence: The company holds its annual meeting in December.

3. Perpetual (Adjective): శాశ్వత (śāśvata) – Never-ending or constantly recurring.

Example Sentence: The perpetual noise from the construction site was driving me crazy.


Ad: అన్యత్ర (anyatra)

Example Sentence: The store is closed on Sundays, but open all year round.

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