air conditioned

Air Conditioned

Air conditioned is an English term that refers to the process of cooling and dehumidifying the air in an enclosed space, typically a room or a building. It is commonly used to provide comfort and improve the air quality in hot and humid climates. The term can be translated into Telugu as ఎయిర్ కండిషన్ (air kondishan).


Air conditioned is pronounced as “air kuh n-dish-uh nd” in English.


Some synonyms for air conditioned include cooled, refrigerated, and climate-controlled.

Nearby Words

  • Air (noun) – గాలి (gāli) – The invisible gaseous substance surrounding the earth.
  • Conditioned (adjective) – సరిపోయిన (saripōyina) – Having been trained or adapted to a particular condition.
  • Cooling (noun) – శీతలీకరణ (śītalīkaraṇa) – The process of lowering the temperature of something.
  • Dehumidifying (verb) – ఆపోషణ (āpōṣaṇa) – The act of removing moisture or humidity from the air.


The antonym for air conditioned in Telugu is గాలి కండిషన్ (gāli kondishan), which means “unconditioned air.”

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