Aid: Meaning and Pronunciation

Aid is a noun that refers to assistance or support given to someone in need. In Telugu, it is translated as సహాయం (sahāyaṁ), సహాయపడుట (sahāyapaḍuṭa), సహాయం చేయు (sahāyaṁ cēyu).

Pronunciation: [eyd]

Synonyms of Aid

1. Help
2. Support
3. Assistance
4. Relief
5. Backing

Nearby Words

1. Aide (noun) – సహాయకుడు (sahāyakuḍu) – The aide provided valuable information to the team.

2. Aidful (adjective) – సహాయకరమైన (sahāyakaramaina) – The aidful gesture of the stranger touched her heart.

3. Aiding (verb) – సహాయం చేస్తున్న (sahāyaṁ cēstunna) – The organization is aiding the victims of the natural disaster.

4. Aidless (adjective) – సహాయం లేని (sahāyaṁ lēni) – The aidless situation left them feeling helpless.


The antonym of aid in Telugu is నిర్మూలం (nirmūlaṁ).

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