agricultural sector

Agricultural Sector

The agricultural sector, also known as the farming sector, is a vital part of the economy that involves the cultivation of crops, raising livestock, and the production of food, fiber, and other agricultural products. It plays a crucial role in providing food security, generating employment, and contributing to the overall economic development of a country.


Agricultural Sector (pronounced: ag-ri-kuhl-cher-uhl sek-tor)


Farming sector, Agribusiness, Agricultural industry, Agrarian sector

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Agriculture (వ్యవసాయం) – The science and practice of farming, including the cultivation of soil, the rearing of animals, and the production of crops.
  • Noun: Farmer (రైతుడు) – A person who owns, manages, or works on a farm.
  • Noun: Crop (పంట) – A plant or produce that is grown and harvested for food, fodder, or other agricultural uses.
  • Noun: Livestock (పశువులు) – Animals raised on farms for agricultural purposes, such as cattle, sheep, and poultry.

Example Sentences:

  1. The agricultural sector contributes significantly to the country’s GDP.
  2. Many farmers rely on the agricultural sector for their livelihood.
  3. Improving irrigation systems can enhance productivity in the agricultural sector.


Nonagricultural sector (అగ్రికల్చరల్ సెక్టర్)

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