agricultural marketing

Agricultural Marketing

Agricultural marketing, వ్యవసాయ మార్కెటింగ్, refers to the process of buying and selling agricultural products. It involves various activities such as production, processing, packaging, transportation, and distribution of agricultural goods.


Agricultural marketing is pronounced as [ag-ri-kuhl-cher-uhl mahr-ki-ting].


Some synonyms for agricultural marketing include farm marketing, agribusiness, and rural marketing.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: agriculture (వ్యవసాయం) – the practice of cultivating crops and rearing animals for food, fiber, medicinal plants, and other products.
  • Noun: market (మార్కెట్) – a place where goods are bought and sold.
  • Noun: product (ఉత్పత్తి) – something that is produced or manufactured for sale.
  • Noun: distribution (పంపిణీ) – the process of supplying goods to retailers or consumers.


The antonym for agricultural marketing in Telugu is వ్యవసాయ మార్కెటింగ్ విరుద్ధం (vyavasaya mārketing viruddham).

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