Agnostics: Meaning and Pronunciation in Telugu

Agnostics is a term used to describe individuals who believe that the existence of God or a higher power cannot be proven or known. In Telugu, agnostics can be referred to as అజ్ఞేయవాదులు (ajñēyavādulu), దేవతానిష్ఠులు (dēvatāniṣṭhulu), or దేవతానిష్ఠులు కాదు (dēvatāniṣṭhulu kādu).

Pronunciation: agnostics (అగ్నోస్టిక్స్)

Synonyms of Agnostics

1. Skeptics (సంశయవాదులు)
2. Doubters (సందేహించేవారు)
3. Nonbelievers (నమ్మలేనివారు)
4. Unbelievers (నమ్మలేనివారు)
5. Freethinkers (స్వతంత్రమైన ఆలోచనలు చేసేవారు)

Nearby Words

1. Agnosticism (Noun) – అజ్ఞేయవాదం, దేవతానిష్ఠత
Example: His agnosticism led him to question traditional beliefs.

2. Agnostic (Noun) – అజ్ఞేయవాది, దేవతానిష్ఠుడు
Example: She considers herself an agnostic, unsure of the existence of a higher power.

3. Agnostically (Adverb) – అజ్ఞేయవాదంగా, దేవతానిష్ఠతగా
Example: He approached the topic agnostically, refusing to take a definitive stance.


The antonym of agnostics in Telugu is నమ్ముకోకుండా ఉండేవారు (nammukōkuṇḍā uṇḍēvāru).

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