Agitating: Meaning and Pronunciation

Agitating is an English word that refers to the act of causing someone to feel angry, annoyed, or irritated. In Telugu, it can be translated as కోపపరచించుట (kōpaparacin̄cuṭa), చెడుకుపరచుట (ceḍukuparacuṭa), or కోపపరచుట (kōpaparacuṭa).

Pronunciation: uh-jey-ting

Synonyms of Agitating

Some synonyms of agitating include:

  • Provoking
  • Irritating
  • Annoying
  • Disturbing
  • Antagonizing

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to agitating:

  • Noun: Agitation (కోపం, చెడుకు)
  • Adjective: Agitated (కోపించిన, చెడుకుగల)
  • Verb: Agitate (కోపపరచు, చెడుకుపరచు)
  • Adverb: Agitatedly (కోపపరచించుటకు, చెడుకుపరచుటకు)

Example sentences:

  1. His constant teasing was agitating her.
  2. The loud noise from the construction site agitated the residents.
  3. She was agitated by the news of her friend’s accident.


The antonym of agitating is soothing. In Telugu, soothing can be translated as శాంతించుట (śāntiṁcuṭa).

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