Aggrieved: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning in Telugu: దుఃఖించిన (dukhinchina), నిరాశపరచిన (nirāśaparacina), అపమానించిన (apamānincina)

Pronunciation: uh-greevd


Distressed, hurt, offended, wronged, victimized

Nearby Words:

1. Aggravate (verb) – భారం పెరిగించు (bhāraṁ perigiñcu) – The constant noise aggravated his headache.
2. Aggravation (noun) – భారం పెరిగించుట (bhāraṁ perigiñcuṭa) – The delay caused great aggravation to the passengers.
3. Aggression (noun) – ఆక్రమణ (ākramaṇa) – The country faced aggression from its neighboring nation.
4. Aggressive (adjective) – ఆక్రమణాత్మక (ākramaṇātmake) – The aggressive behavior of the dog scared the children.
5. Aggressiveness (noun) – ఆక్రమణాత్మకత (ākramaṇātmatat) – His aggressiveness in the game made him a formidable opponent.


Content, pleased, satisfied, fulfilled, happy

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Remember, being aggrieved means feeling distressed, hurt, or offended. It is important to understand the synonyms, nearby words, and antonyms to grasp the full context of the term.

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