Adulthood is a stage of life that signifies maturity and independence. It is a time when individuals take on greater responsibilities and make important life decisions. In Telugu, adulthood is known as ప్రౌఢత్వం (praudhatvam).


Adulthood is pronounced as /əˈdʌlthʊd/.


Some synonyms for adulthood include maturity, full-grown, and grown-up.

Nearby Words

  • Adult (noun) – ప్రౌఢము (praudhamu) – a fully grown person.
  • Responsibility (noun) – ఉత్తర్దాయిత్వం (uttardayitvam) – the state or fact of having a duty to deal with something.
  • Decision (noun) – నిర్ణయం (nirṇayaṁ) – a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration.
  • Independence (noun) – స్వాతంత్ర్యం (svātantryaṁ) – the state of being free from outside control or support.

Example sentences:

  1. As an adult, he is responsible for his own actions. (Noun)
  2. She took on the responsibility of managing the project. (Noun)
  3. He made a difficult decision to pursue his passion. (Noun)
  4. She valued her independence and enjoyed living alone. (Noun)


The antonym for adulthood is పిల్లలత్వం (pillalatvam), which means childhood.

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