Adulterator: Meaning and Pronunciation

The word “adulterator” is not found in the Telugu language. It is an English term used to describe someone who adulterates or adds impurities to something, typically food or drink, for dishonest gain.

Pronunciation: *adulterator* (uh-duhl-tuh-rey-ter)

Synonyms of Adulterator

1. Impurity creator (అశుద్ధత సృష్టించేవాడు)
2. Taint producer (కలం ఉత్పత్తించేవాడు)
3. Contaminant introducer (కలం పరిచయించేవాడు)
4. Pollutant adder (కలం జోడించేవాడు)

Nearby Words

1. Adulterate (verb) – కలం జోడించు (to add impurities)
Example: The dishonest shopkeeper would adulterate the milk with water to increase his profits.

2. Adulteration (noun) – కలం జోడించుట (the act of adding impurities)
Example: The government has strict laws against the adulteration of food products.

3. Adulterant (noun) – కలం జోడించే వస్తు (a substance added to adulterate)
Example: The lab test revealed the presence of an adulterant in the cooking oil.


The Telugu word for “ad” is “అన్యాయం” (anyāyaṁ), which means injustice or unfairness. Therefore, the antonym of “adulterator” in Telugu would be “అన్యాయం చేయువాడు” (anyāyaṁ cēyuvāḍu), meaning someone who does justice or acts fairly.


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