Adroit: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, Nearby Words, Antonyms

Meaning in Telugu:

నిపుణమైన, చతురమైన, కౌశలముగా




Skillful, Clever, Dexterous, Proficient, Expert, Agile

Nearby Words:

  • Adroitly (adverb): నిపుణంగా, చతురంగా
  • Adroitness (noun): నిపుణత, చతురత
  • Adroitnesses (noun): నిపుణతలు, చతురతలు
  • Adroiter (adjective): నిపుణంగా, చతురంగా
  • Adroitest (adjective): నిపుణంగా, చతురంగా


The Telugu word for “ad” is “అనాపత్తి” (anāpatti).

Adroit, derived from the French word “adroit,” meaning skillful or clever, is an adjective used to describe someone who is highly proficient or agile in their actions. In Telugu, it is translated as “నిపుణమైన” (nipuṇamaina), “చతురమైన” (chaturamaina), or “కౌశలముగా” (kaushalamuga).

When pronouncing “adroit,” emphasize the first syllable and use a soft “d” sound. The word can be broken down into three syllables: “uh-droit.”

Synonyms for adroit include skillful, clever, dexterous, proficient, expert, and agile. These words highlight the ability and finesse of someone who is adroit in their field.

Some nearby words related to adroit are “adroitly” (adverb), “adroitness” (noun), “adroitnesses” (noun), “adroiter” (adjective), and “adroitest” (adjective).

The antonym for adroit in Telugu is “అనాపత్తి” (anāpatti), which means “incompetence” or “inability.”

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