Adolescence is a crucial stage of development between childhood and adulthood. It is a period of significant physical, emotional, and psychological changes. In Telugu, adolescence is known as కౌమారం (kaumaaram).


Adolescence is pronounced as /ˌædəˈlɛsəns/.


Some synonyms for adolescence include youth, teenage years, puberty, and teenagehood.

Nearby Words

  • Adolescent (noun) – కౌమారికుడు (kaumaarikudu), కౌమారి (kaumaari)
  • Adolescent (adjective) – కౌమారిక (kaumaarika)
  • Adolescently (adverb) – కౌమారికంగా (kaumaarikanga)
  • Adolescenthood (noun) – కౌమారికత (kaumaarikata)

Example sentences:

  1. The adolescent was excited about starting high school.
  2. She behaved adolescently by rebelling against her parents’ rules.
  3. During adolescenthood, teenagers experience various challenges.


The antonym for adolescence is పెద్దవయస్సు (peddavayassu) which means adulthood.

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