ad nauseam

Ad Nauseam: Meaning and Pronunciation

Ad nauseam is a Latin phrase that has been adopted into English. In Telugu, it can be translated as అనంతముగా (anantamuga). The phrase is pronounced as [ad naw-zee-uhm].

Synonyms of Ad Nauseam

Some synonyms of ad nauseam include:

  • Repetitively (పునరావృతంగా)
  • Endlessly (అనంతముగా)
  • Tiresomely (బోరుగా)
  • Infinitely (అనంతముగా)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words with their parts of speech and meanings:

  • Adjective: విశేషణం – a word that describes a noun or pronoun
  • Adverb: క్రియావిశేషణం – a word that describes a verb, adjective, or other adverb
  • Admonish: ముంచుకొను – to warn or reprimand someone firmly
  • Adolescent: కిశోరుడు – a young person who is developing into an adult

Example sentences:

  1. The adjective form of the word is used to describe the noun.
  2. She spoke admonishingly to her misbehaving child.
  3. The adolescent struggled with the challenges of growing up.


In Telugu, the word “ad” can be translated as విజ్ఞాపన (vignāpana), which means “advertisement”.


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