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Addles in Telugu means కలిగించు, గొప్పగా చేయు, మంచిగా చేయు.


Addles is pronounced as /ˈædəlz/.


Some synonyms of addles include confuses, muddles, perplexes, and befuddles.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: Addle-brain (మంచిగా చేయు మనస్సు), Addle-pate (మంచిగా చేయు మనస్సు)
  • Verb: Addle (కలిగించు, గొప్పగా చేయు, మంచిగా చేయు)
  • Adjective: Addled (కలిగించిన, గొప్పగా చేయబడిన, మంచిగా చేయబడిన)

Example Sentences:

  1. The confusing instructions addled his mind. (Noun)
  2. She is an addle-brain when it comes to solving puzzles. (Noun)
  3. Don’t addle the situation further with your unnecessary comments. (Verb)
  4. His addled thinking led to poor decision-making. (Adjective)


In Telugu, the antonym of addles is స్పష్టం (Spaṣṭaṁ).

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