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Adding Up: Meaning and Pronunciation

In Telugu, “adding up” can be translated as కూడించుట (koodinchutu). Pronounced as *kood-in-choo-too*, it is a verb that signifies the act of combining or totaling numbers or quantities.

Synonyms for Adding Up

Some synonyms for “adding up” include:

  • Summing
  • Totaling
  • Calculating
  • Tallying
  • Counting

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to “adding up” in Telugu:

  • Noun: మొత్తం (mottam) – Total
  • Noun: మొత్తం సంఖ్య (mottam sankhya) – Sum
  • Noun: మొత్తం విధానం (mottam vidhanam) – Calculation
  • Verb: కూడించు (koodinchu) – Add
  • Verb: గణించు (ganinchu) – Calculate

Example sentences:

  1. మొత్తం సంఖ్య ఎంత? (Mottam sankhya entha?) – What is the sum?
  2. ఈ సంఖ్యలను కూడించు. (Ee sankhyalanu koodinchu.) – Add these numbers.
  3. మొత్తం విధానం ఎలా చేయాలి? (Mottam vidhanam ela cheyali?) – How to do the calculation?


The antonym for “adding up” in Telugu is తగ్గించు (tagginchu), which means “subtract” or “deduct”.

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