actionable claim

Actionable Claim: Meaning and Pronunciation

An actionable claim refers to a legal right that can be enforced by taking legal action against another party. In Telugu, actionable claim is translated as కార్యాన్వయిక అధికారం (kāryānvayika adhikāraṁ).

Pronunciation: *kāryānvayika adhikāraṁ* (kaa-ryaan-vayi-ka ad-hi-kaa-rum)

Actionable Claim Synonyms

Some synonyms for actionable claim include:

  • Legal right (కానూనిక హక్కు, kānūnik hakku)
  • Enforceable right (ప్రవర్తించగల హక్కు, pravartinchagala hakku)
  • Judicial claim (న్యాయాధీశ దావా, nyāyādhīśa dāvā)

Nearby Words

Here are some nearby words related to actionable claim:

  • Act (Noun) – చట్టం (chaṭṭaṁ) – The new act was passed by the government.
  • Action (Noun) – చర్య (charya) – His actions spoke louder than words.
  • Claim (Noun) – దావా (dāvā) – She made a claim for compensation.
  • Legal (Adjective) – కానూనిక (kānūnika) – He sought legal advice before signing the contract.

Example Sentence: ఆతను కానూనిక సలహాలు తీసుకునే ముందు ఒక కానూనిక దావా చేస్తున్నాడు (ātanu kānūnika salahālu tīsukunē muntu oka kānūnika dāvā cēstunnāḍu) – He is filing a legal claim before giving legal advice.


The antonym for actionable claim in Telugu is అక్రియ దావా (akriya dāvā).


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