Acceptability refers to the quality or state of being acceptable or suitable. It is derived from the word “acceptable” which means capable or worthy of being accepted. Acceptability can be subjective and vary depending on different factors such as cultural norms, personal preferences, and societal standards.

Nepali Meanings:

1. स्वीकार्यता (sweekāryatā) – the state of being acceptable

2. मान्यता (mānyatā) – recognition or approval

Nearby Words:

1. Approval (Noun) – स्वीकृति (swīkṛti) – the act of approving or agreeing to something

2. Suitability (Noun) – उपयुक्तता (upayuktatā) – the quality of being suitable or appropriate

3. Compliance (Noun) – अनुपालन (anupālan) – the act of conforming to rules or requests


1. Admissibility

2. Permissibility

3. Suitableness

4. Fitness


अस्वीकार्यता (asweekāryatā) – unacceptability or inappropriateness

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