Bailer Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meaning: बेलर

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: बेलर, बेलरको, बेलरहरू
  • Verb: बेलेर, बेलेरको, बेलेरहरू

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (bey-ler)

Bailer Synonyms:

  • Container (बाटा)
  • Vessel (जहाज)
  • Bucket (बाल्टी)
  • Can (क्यान)
  • Pail (बाल्टी)
  • Barrel (डाँडा)

Description and Origination:

A bailer is a container used to remove water or other liquids from a boat, ship, or any other vessel. It is typically a bucket-like object that can be manually operated to scoop out water. The term “bailer” originated from the Old French word “bailleur,” which means “to bail out.” Bailing out water from a vessel is essential to prevent it from sinking or becoming unstable. Bailer meaning in Nepali is “बेलर,” and it is commonly used in maritime and boating contexts.


  • Fill (भर्नु)
  • Pour (ढल्नु)
  • Retain (राख्नु)
  • Collect (संग्रह गर्नु)
  • Keep (राख्नु)


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