Bah Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings of Bah:

1. बहु (noun) – Many

2. बाह्र (noun) – Twelve

3. बाह्रबार (noun) – Tuesday

4. बाह्रबारी (adjective) – Weekly

5. बाह्रबारमा (adverb) – On Tuesdays

Part of Speech of Bah:

Noun, Adjective, Adverb

Pronunciation of Bah:

(bah) [bɑː]

Bah Synonyms:

1. Numerous – अनेक, धेरै

2. Multiple – बहुमुखी, बहुमुखी

3. Plentiful – प्रचुर, धेरै

4. Abundant – प्रचुर, धेरै

5. Copious – अत्यधिक, धेरै

Description and Origination of Bah:

Bah is a versatile word in Nepali that can be used as a noun, adjective, or adverb. As a noun, it means “many” or “numerous.” It can also represent the number twelve or refer to the day Tuesday. When used as an adjective, it signifies something that occurs weekly. As an adverb, it indicates an action happening on Tuesdays. The word “bah” is commonly used in everyday conversations and is an integral part of the Nepali language.


1. Few – केही, कम

2. Scant – अल्प, कम

3. Rare – दुर्लभ, अत्यन्त निर्जन

4. Scarce – अल्प, कम

5. Limited – सीमित, परिमित


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