Bag Meaning in Nepali

Bag is a noun that refers to a flexible container made of cloth, paper, or other materials, used for carrying or storing items. In Nepali, it can be translated as:

  • झोला (jhola) – Noun
  • थैली (thaili) – Noun
  • बस्त्र (bastra) – Noun
  • पोथी (pothi) – Noun

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (bag)

Bag Synonyms:

  • Sack – थैली (thaili)
  • Pouch – झोला (jhola)
  • Purse – पोथी (pothi)
  • Backpack – ब्याकप्याक (bya’kpya’k)
  • Knapsack – थैली (thaili)
  • Carryall – थैली (thaili)

Bag is a versatile container used for carrying various items. It can be made of different materials and comes in various shapes and sizes. The concept of bags dates back to ancient times, where people used animal skins or woven plant fibers to create containers for their belongings. Today, bags have become an essential accessory in our daily lives, serving purposes ranging from fashion statements to practical storage solutions.


  • Empty – खाली (khali)
  • Unfilled – भरिएको नभएको (bharieko nabhaeko)

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