Backed Meaning in Nepali

Nepali Meanings:

1. समर्थित (samarthit) – Verb

2. सहायता गरिएको (sahayata gariyeko) – Verb

3. पछाडि लिएको (pachhadi lieko) – Verb

4. समर्थन गरिएको (samarthan gariyeko) – Verb

5. पछाडि खडा (pachhadi khada) – Adjective

Part of Speech:

Verb, Adjective



Backed Synonyms:

1. Supported – समर्थित (samarthit)

2. Assisted – सहायता गरिएको (sahayata gariyeko)

3. Followed – पछाडि लिएको (pachhadi lieko)

4. Endorsed – समर्थन गरिएको (samarthan gariyeko)

5. Standing behind – पछाडि खडा (pachhadi khada)

Description and Origination:

When something is “backed,” it means that it is supported, assisted, or endorsed. It can be used as a verb or an adjective in Nepali. The word originated from the English language and has been adopted into Nepali vocabulary. It signifies the act of providing support or assistance to someone or something. The pronunciation of “backed” in Nepali is (bakt).


1. Opposed – विरोध गर्नु (virodh garnu)

2. Disapproved – अस्वीकृत (asvikrit)

3. Rejected – अस्वीकार गरिएको (asvikar gariyeko)

4. Discouraged – निराश गरिएको (nirash gariyeko)

5. Abandoned – त्यागिएको (tyagiyeko)


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