Astound Meaning in Nepali: आश्चर्यचकित गर्नु, चकित पार्नु, हेरान गर्नु, अचम्मित गर्नु

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Verb: Astonish (आश्चर्यचकित गर्नु), Amaze (चकित पार्नु), Surprise (हेरान गर्नु), Stun (अचम्मित गर्नु), Startle (अचम्मित गर्नु)

Part of Speech:




Astound Synonyms:

1. Amaze – चकित पार्नु

2. Astonish – आश्चर्यचकित गर्नु

3. Surprise – हेरान गर्नु

4. Stun – अचम्मित गर्नु

5. Startle – अचम्मित गर्नु

Description: Astound is a verb that means to surprise or amaze someone greatly. It is often used to describe a feeling of being astonished or shocked by something unexpected. The word originates from the Old English word “astunian,” which means to stun or stupefy. Astound is commonly used in both formal and informal contexts to express a strong sense of wonder or disbelief.


1. Bore – उबाउनु

2. Disappoint – निराश गर्नु

3. Repel – दुर्भाग्य गर्नु

4. Dissatisfy – असन्तुष्ट गर्नु

5. Depress – निराश गर्नु

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