Assyrian Meaning in Nepali

The word “Assyrian” has several meanings in Nepali. It can be translated as “अश्शुरी” (Ashshuri), “अश्शुरीय” (Ashshuriya), or “अश्शुरी भाषा” (Ashshuri Bhasha). These Nepali words refer to the Assyrian language, people, or culture.

Nearby Words

  • Assyria (noun) – अश्शुरी राज्य
  • Assyriology (noun) – अश्शुरी अध्ययन
  • Assyriologist (noun) – अश्शुरी अध्यापक
  • Assyriological (adjective) – अश्शुरी अध्ययन सम्बन्धी
  • Assyriologically (adverb) – अश्शुरी अध्ययनको दृष्टिबिन्दुबाट

Part of Speech

The part of speech for “Assyrian” is adjective.


The pronunciation of “Assyrian” is [uh-sir-ee-uhn].

Assyrian Synonyms

  • Chaldean – चाल्डियन
  • Babylonian – बाबिलोनियन
  • Akkadian – अक्कादियन
  • Syriac – सिरियाक
  • Neo-Assyrian – नयाँ अश्शुरी
  • Assyriological – अश्शुरी अध्ययन सम्बन्धी

Assyrian refers to the ancient civilization and culture of the Assyrians, who lived in Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq, Syria, and Turkey) from the 25th century BCE until the fall of their empire in the 7th century BCE. They were known for their advanced knowledge in various fields, including architecture, mathematics, and literature.


  • Non-Assyrian – अश्शुरी नभएको
  • Non-Assyriological – अश्शुरी अध्ययन सम्बन्धी नभएको

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