Assasination Meaning in Nepali

Assasination, गोलीबारी, हत्या, निर्मम हत्या

Nearby Words

Noun: Murder (हत्या), Killing (हत्या), Slaughter (नरसंहार), Execution (फांसी), Homicide (हत्या)

Part of Speech




Assasination Synonyms

1. Murder – हत्या

2. Killing – हत्या

3. Slaying – हत्या

4. Execution – फांसी

5. Homicide – हत्या

Description and Origination of Assasination

Assasination refers to the act of deliberately killing someone, usually a prominent figure, for political or ideological reasons. It is a term commonly associated with political assassinations or targeted killings. The word “assasination” originated from the Latin word “assassinare,” which means “to murder.” Throughout history, there have been numerous instances of assassinations that have had significant impacts on societies and governments.


1. Protection – संरक्षण

2. Preservation – संरक्षण

3. Safety – सुरक्षा

4. Security – सुरक्षा

5. Life – जीवन

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