Asians Meaning in Nepali: एशियाली, एशियाई, एशियालीहरू, एशियाईहरू

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Noun: एशिया, एशियाली, एशियाई, एशियालीहरू, एशियाईहरू

Adjective: एशियाली, एशियाई, एशियालीहरू, एशियाईहरू

Part of Speech of Asians:


Pronunciation of Asians:


Asians Synonyms:

1. Easterners – पूर्वीहरू

2. Orientals – पूर्वीहरू

3. Far Easterners – दूरी पूर्वीहरू

4. Asians – एशियालीहरू

5. Asiatics – एशियाईहरू

6. Mongoloids – मङ्गोलोइडहरू

Asians are people from the continent of Asia. They are known for their diverse cultures, languages, and traditions. The term “Asians” refers to individuals who are of Asian descent or have origins in Asian countries. It is a noun and pronounced as (ey-zhuhns).


Non-Asians – अएशियालीहरू

Westerners – पश्चिमीहरू

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