Asexual Meaning in Nepali: अलैंगिक, नप्रजातीय, नप्रजातीयको, नप्रजातीयताको

Nearby Words:

Noun: अलैंगिकता, नप्रजातीयता

Adjective: अलैंगिक, नप्रजातीय

Part of Speech:




Asexual Synonyms:

1. Nonsexual – अलैंगिक

2. Sexless – नप्रजातीय

3. Unisexual – एकलैंगिक

4. Abstinent – ब्रह्मचर्य

5. Celibate – ब्रह्मचारी

Asexual is an adjective that describes the lack of sexual attraction or interest in sexual activity. It is commonly used to refer to individuals who do not experience sexual desire or do not identify with any particular sexual orientation. The term originated from the Greek word “asexuālis,” meaning “without sex.” Antonyms of asexual include sexual (लैंगिक) and reproductive (प्रजातात्मक).

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