Artist Meaning in Nepali

In Nepali, the word “artist” can be translated into several meanings, including कलाकार (kalakar), चित्रकार (chitrakar), कार्यकारी (karyakari), कलाकृति (kalakriti), and कलाकृतिकार (kalakritikar).

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: (ahr-tist)

Artist Synonyms:

1. Painter – चित्रकार (chitrakar)

2. Sculptor – मूर्तिकार (murtikar)

3. Musician – संगीतकार (sangeetkar)

4. Writer – लेखक (lekhaak)

5. Performer – प्रदर्शक (pradarshak)

6. Designer – डिजाइनर (designer)

The term “artist” refers to a person who is skilled in creating art, whether it be through painting, sculpting, music, writing, performing, or designing. Artists use their creativity and imagination to express themselves and communicate their ideas to others. They play a vital role in society by bringing beauty, emotion, and inspiration to the world through their creations.

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