Arie Meaning in Nepali: आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी

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Noun: आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी

Verb: आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी

Adjective: आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी, आरी

Part of Speech of Arie:


Pronunciation of Arie:


Arie Synonyms:

1. Companion – साथी

2. Friend – मित्र

3. Ally – सहायक

4. Partner – साझेदार

5. Colleague – सहकर्मी

6. Associate – सहयोगी

Arie is a noun in Nepali that means a companion, friend, ally, partner, or colleague. It is pronounced as “ah-ree”. Arie is commonly used in Nepali conversations to refer to someone who accompanies or supports another person. It can also denote a person with whom one shares a close relationship or works together. The word “arie” has its origin in the Nepali language and is widely used in everyday communication.


1. Enemy – शत्रु

2. Foe – शत्रु

3. Rival – प्रतिद्वंद्वी

4. Opponent – प्रतिद्वंद्वी

5. Adversary – प्रतिद्वंद्वी

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