Amass Meaning in Nepali

Amass, in Nepali, can be translated into multiple meanings:

  1. संचय गर्नु: To accumulate or gather something over time.
  2. बढाउनु: To increase or grow in quantity or number.
  3. जम्मा गर्नु: To collect or bring together a large amount of something.

Nearby Words:

  • Amateur (Noun) – अनुभवहीन, अव्यावसायिक: A person who engages in an activity for pleasure rather than as a profession.
  • Amaze (Verb) – आश्चर्यचकित गर्नु: To cause someone to be extremely surprised or astonished.
  • Ambassador (Noun) – राजदूत: An official representative of a country’s government, typically stationed in a foreign capital.

Amass Synonyms:

  • Accumulate – जम्मा गर्नु
  • Collect – संग्रह गर्नु
  • Gather – जम्मा गर्नु
  • Compile – संकलन गर्नु
  • Accrue – बढ्नु
  • Aggregate – जम्मा गर्नु

Description: Amass meaning in Nepali refers to the act of gathering or accumulating something, often in large quantities. It can be used to describe the process of collecting wealth, knowledge, or resources over time. The word “amass” emphasizes the idea of bringing together or increasing the amount of something. It is a versatile term that can be applied to various contexts, highlighting the importance of accumulation and growth.

Pronunciation: /əˈmæs/ (uh-mas)

Part of Speech: Verb

Antonyms: Disperse – छिटो छिटो छोड्नु, Scatter – छिटो छिटो छोड्नु

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