Aloft Meaning in Nepali

Aloft meaning in Nepali: उच्चमा, माथि

Pronunciation: (uh-loft)

Part of Speech: adverb, adjective

Nearby Words:

  • Altitude (noun) – उचाई, ऊँचाई
  • Elevate (verb) – उच्चता दिनु, उच्चाईमा ल्याउनु
  • Ascend (verb) – उच्चाईमा जानु, उच्चाईमा बढ्नु
  • Overhead (adjective) – माथि, माथिल्लो
  • Upward (adverb) – माथि, उच्चमा


  • High
  • Up
  • Skyward
  • Elevated
  • Overhead


Down, Below – तल, तल्लो

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