Agamic Meaning in Nepali

Agamic (आगमिक) is a Nepali word that has multiple meanings. It can be translated into English as “आगमिक” (pronounced as “agamik”) or “आगमनसम्बन्धी” (pronounced as “agamansambandhi”).

Part of Speech

Agamic is an adjective.

Nearby Words

  • Agam (noun) – अगम: meaning “unknown” or “unfathomable”
  • Agamya (adjective) – अगम्य: meaning “inaccessible” or “unreachable”
  • Agamikaran (noun) – अगमीकरण: meaning “prediction” or “forecast”

Synonyms of Agamic

  • आगमिक (Agamik)
  • आगमनसम्बन्धी (Agamansambandhi)
  • आगमनसम्बन्धी (Agamansambandhi)
  • आगमिक (Agamik)
  • आगमिक (Agamik)

Antonyms of Agamic

The antonym of Agamic in Nepali is “अआगमिक” (pronounced as “aagamik”), which means “non-agamic” or “non-traditional”.


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