Meaning in Nepali: व्यभिचार, अपराध, अधर्म

Pronunciation: (uh-duhl-tuh-ree)

Part of Speech: noun

Nearby Words:

  • Adulterate: verb, मिलाउनु, मिश्रण गर्नु
  • Adulteration: noun, मिलाउने क्रिया, मिश्रण
  • Adulterer: noun, व्यभिचारी


  • Infidelity
  • Cheating
  • Unfaithfulness
  • Betrayal
  • Fornication


विश्वास, विश्वासना (Trust, Faith)

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Adultery refers to the act of being unfaithful or disloyal to one’s spouse or partner by engaging in sexual relationships with someone other than their significant other. It is considered a breach of trust and a violation of the commitment made in a marriage or relationship. In Nepali, adultery is known as “व्यभिचार” (vyabhichar), “अपराध” (aparadh), or “अधर्म” (adharm).

Adultery is a noun and can be pronounced as “uh-duhl-tuh-ree.” Some nearby words related to adultery include “adulterate” (verb, मिलाउनु, मिश्रण गर्नु), “adulteration” (noun, मिलाउने क्रिया, मिश्रण), and “adulterer” (noun, व्यभिचारी).

Synonyms for adultery include “infidelity,” “cheating,” “unfaithfulness,” “betrayal,” and “fornication.” Antonyms for adultery are “विश्वास” (trust) and “विश्वासना” (faith).

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