Meaning in Nepali:

Actuate को नेपाली अर्थहरू: प्रेरित गर्नु, चालन गर्नु



Part of Speech:


Nearby Words:

  • Activate: (verb) सक्रिय गर्नु
  • Actual: (adjective) वास्तविक
  • Act: (noun) कार्य
  • Action: (noun) कार्य
  • Actor: (noun) अभिनेता


  • prompt
  • stimulate
  • trigger
  • initiate
  • incite


Antonyms को नेपाली अर्थहरू: निष्क्रिय गर्नु

Actuate, a verb, means to prompt or stimulate someone to take action. It can also refer to the act of initiating or inciting a particular action. In Nepali, Actuate is translated as “प्रेरित गर्नु” or “चालन गर्नु”. Some nearby words to Actuate include Activate, Actual, Act, Action, and Actor. Synonyms for Actuate include prompt, stimulate, trigger, initiate, and incite. The antonym for Actuate in Nepali is “निष्क्रिय गर्नु”. For further information and detailed definitions, you can refer to,, or

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