Accuse Meaning in Nepali

Part of Speech: Verb

Accuse Meaning in Nepali:

1. दोषी ठहराउनु, आरोप लगाउनु

2. दोषी ठहराउने, आरोप लगाउने



Nearby Words:

1. Acclaim (Verb) – प्रशंसा गर्नु

2. Accolade (Noun) – पुरस्कार

3. Accomplice (Noun) – सहायक


1. Blame

2. Charge

3. Implicate

4. Denounce

5. Condemn


दोषी ठहराउने विपरीत (Opposite of Accuse)

Accuse is a verb that means to charge someone with an offense or wrongdoing. In Nepali, it can be translated as “दोषी ठहराउनु” or “आरोप लगाउनु”. The pronunciation of accuse is (uh-kyooz).

Some nearby words to accuse include acclaim (प्रशंसा गर्नु), accolade (पुरस्कार), and accomplice (सहायक). These words are related to different aspects of accusation and its consequences.

Synonyms of accuse include blame, charge, implicate, denounce, and condemn. These words can be used interchangeably with accuse in various contexts.

Unfortunately, there is no specific antonym for accuse in Nepali. However, the opposite of accuse can be expressed as “दोषी ठहराउने विपरीत”.

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