abortive coup

Abortive Coup

Pronunciation: [uh-bawr-tiv koo]

Part of Speech: noun


An abortive coup refers to a failed or unsuccessful attempt to overthrow a government or seize power illegally. It is an event where a group of individuals, often military personnel, plot to take control of a country but are unable to achieve their objective.

Nepali Meanings

1. असफल कूप (asaphal koop) – unsuccessful coup

2. अपरिणामी कूप (aparināmī koop) – abortive coup

Nearby Words

1. Coup d’état – कूप डेटा (koop deta) – a sudden and illegal seizure of power

2. Rebellion – विद्रोह (vidroh) – an act of armed resistance against an established government

3. Insurrection – विद्रोह (vidroh) – a violent uprising against an authority or government


1. Failed coup

2. Unsuccessful rebellion

3. Foiled insurrection


1. Successful coup – सफल कूप (saphal koop)

2. Overthrow – विध्वंस (vidhvans)


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