Amputating Meaning in Bengali

Part of Speech: Verb

Pronunciation: /ˈæmpjʊˌteɪtɪŋ/

Meanings of Amputating in Bengali:

1. কটা করা (kata kara)

2. কাটা করা (kata kara)

3. অঙ্গ কাটা (ongga kata)

Nearby Words:

1. Amputation (Noun) – অঙ্গকাটা (ongga kata)

2. Amputee (Noun) – অঙ্গকাটিত (ongga katait)

3. Amputated (Adjective) – অঙ্গকাটিত (ongga katait)

Synonyms of Amputating:

1. Severing – কাটা (kata)

2. Cutting off – কাটা (kata)

3. Removing – অপসারণ (oposarôn)

4. Detaching – বিচ্ছিন্ন করা (bichchhinnô kara)

5. Disjoining – বিচ্ছিন্ন করা (bichchhinnô kara)


Amputating refers to the surgical removal or cutting off of a body part, typically a limb. It is a medical procedure performed to treat severe injuries, diseases, or infections that cannot be cured through other means. Amputating is a crucial step in saving a person’s life or improving their quality of life. This procedure requires skilled surgeons and specialized equipment to ensure the safety and well-being of the patient. It is important to note that amputating is a serious decision that is only taken when all other treatment options have been exhausted. The recovery process after amputation involves rehabilitation and the use of prosthetics to help the individual regain mobility and independence.


1. Attaching – সংযুক্ত করা (sônjuktô kara)

2. Connecting – সংযুক্ত করা (sônjuktô kara)

3. Joining – সংযুক্ত করা (sônjuktô kara)

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