Alignment: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali: সারিবদ্ধতা, সমরেখতা, সঙ্গতি

Part of Speech: Noun

Pronunciation: uh-lahyn-muhnt

Alignment Synonyms:

1. Arrangement

2. Positioning

3. Coordination

4. Conformity

5. Harmony

Alignment Antonyms:

বিপরীতার্থক (Opposite)

Nearby Words:

1. Adjust (Verb)

2. Balance (Noun)

3. Symmetry (Noun)

4. Integration (Noun)

Sentences from Different Newspapers:

1. “The government is working towards the alignment of policies to promote economic growth.” – The Daily Star, 15th March 2022

2. “The alignment of the planets can be observed from tonight until the end of the month.” – The Daily Sun, 20th April 2022

3. “The company’s new strategy is in alignment with its long-term goals.” – The Financial Express, 5th May 2022

4. “The political parties are seeking alignment on key issues before the upcoming elections.” – The Independent, 10th June 2022

Meaning in Different Languages:

Bengali: সারিবদ্ধতা

Arabic: محاذاة

Chinese: 对准

Tamil: ஒத்திசைவு

Urdu: ہم آہنگی

Telugu: అలైన్మెంట్

Russian: выравнивание

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