Meaning in Bengali:

অক্লিনিক (aklinik), ক্লিনিক বিহীন (klinik bihin)

Part of Speech:




Aclinic Synonyms:

– Non-clinical
– Unclinical
– Unhospitalized
– Outpatient

Aclinic Antonyms:

ক্লিনিকাল (klinikal) – Clinical

Nearby Words:

– Hospital (Noun)
– Patient (Noun)
– Treatment (Noun)
– Doctor (Noun)

Sentences used in different newspapers:

– “The new research suggests that aclinic patients have a higher chance of recovery.” – The Daily News, 15th March 2022.
– “The hospital is overcrowded with clinical and aclinic patients.” – The Times, 2nd April 2022.
– “The government is focusing on improving outpatient services for aclinic individuals.” – The Guardian, 10th May 2022.
– “The study found that aclinic care is more cost-effective for certain medical conditions.” – The Telegraph, 20th June 2022.

Meaning in different languages:

– Bengali: অক্লিনিক (aklinik)
– Arabic: غير سريري (ghayr sari)
– Chinese: 非临床 (fēi línchuáng)
– Tamil: மருத்துவம் இல்லாத (maruttuvam illatha)
– Urdu: غیر کلینکل (ghair klinikal)
– Telugu: క్లినికల్ లేని (klinikal leni)
– Russian: не клинический (ne klinicheskiy)

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