Accommodation: Meaning in Bengali, Part of Speech, Pronunciation

Meaning in Bengali:

বাসস্থান, আবাস, আবাসস্থান, বাসস্থানে থাকা, বাসস্থান প্রদান, বাসস্থান ব্যবস্থা, বাসস্থান সরবরাহ, বাসস্থান প্রদান করা, বাসস্থান ব্যবস্থাপনা, বাসস্থান প্রদান করা

Part of Speech:




Accommodation Synonyms:

1. Lodging
2. Housing
3. Residence
4. Shelter
5. Quarter

Accommodation Antonyms:

অবাস (Uninhabited), অবাসিত (Unoccupied)

Nearby Words:

1. Adaptation (Noun)
2. Accommodate (Verb)
3. Accommodating (Adjective)
4. Accompanied (Verb)

Sentences Used in Different Newspapers:

1. “The government is providing temporary accommodation for the flood-affected families.” – The Daily Star, 15th August 2022.
2. “The hotel offers luxurious accommodation with stunning views of the city.” – The Independent, 20th September 2022.
3. “The university has limited accommodation options for its students.” – The Telegraph, 5th October 2022.
4. “The lack of affordable accommodation is a major issue in the city.” – The Guardian, 10th November 2022.

Meaning in Different Languages:

– Bengali: বাসস্থান
– Arabic: إقامة
– Chinese: 住宿
– Tamil: வசிப்பு
– Urdu: رہائش
– Telugu: ఆవాసం
– Russian: проживание

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