Rigid in a Sentence

Rigid in a Sentence

  • A rigid routine can be stultifying and boring.
  • He is rigid about points of procedure.
  • She was a fairly rigid person who had strong religious views.
  • You aren’t cut out for the military because of its rigid discipline.
  • Beliefs have ossified into rigid dogma.
  • We try to keep it fairly rigid.
  • The Japanese have a rigid code of etiquette, which may seem artificial to foreigners.
  • In the biographical movie, the cult leader was portrayed as a rigid man who tolerated no ideas except for his own.
  • There is a rigid hierarchy of power in that country.
  • She sat upright, her body rigid with fear.
  • The curriculum was too narrow and too rigid.
  • My father was rigid in his conservative beliefs and never wavered from them during his lifetime.
  • Hyde maintained the rigid immobility of his shoulders.
  • He was weaned on a diet of rigid discipline and duty.
  • Sirian’s coldness had never struck her as anything but rigid discipline and cool thinking.
  • Like most other American companies with a rigid hierarchy, workers and managers had strictly defined duties.
  • He went absolutely rigid with shock.
  • She stood with her backbone rigid.
  • An entirely rigid system is impractical.
  • But he is rigid over his decision.
  • The prospect of failure scares me rigid.
  • They all went rigid, not moving a muscle.
  • His face looked rigid with distress.


Know Rigid in a Sentence in English & other usage.

What is rigid ? – unable to bend or be forced out of shape; not flexible.

Rigid Antonyms : loose, forbearing, relaxed, tolerant, flabby, indulgent, lax, soft, lenient, spongy, yielding, clement, flexible, lax, squishy, floppy, slack, gentle, squashy, pliant, supple, pliable.

Rigid Synonym : steadfast, stringent, hard and fast, unsubmissive, uncompromising, stiff, severe, firm, strong, solid, sure, wooden, stubborn, tenacious, certain, rigorous, trying, stern, inflexible, indomitable, uncompromising, insuperable, routine, harsh, rigorous, stern, settled, eternal, lasting.

Rigid Meaning in other languages:

  • Italian : rigida(feminine), rigido(masculine)
  • Russian : жесткий (zhestkiy)
  • French : rigide
  • German : starr
  • Maori : riirii
  • Bengali: অনমনীয়
  • Arabic : جامد (jamid)
  • Spanish : rígida(feminine), rígido(masculine)

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