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adjective. Tricky  Meaning & Definition – কৌশলী, চতুর, কারূশিল্পী। Besides Tricky  Meaning & Definition you will also know other uses of it.

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কৌশলী, চতুর, কারূশিল্পী.  


(of a task, problem, etc.) requiring care and skill because difficult or awkward..

Tricky Synonyms :

Difficult, awkward, problematic, delicate, ticklish, sensitive, touchy, risky, uncertain, precarious, touch-and-go, thorny,

Antonyms :

Straightforward, uncomplicated,

Tricky in a Sentence :

  • The tricky question about his finances discomfited the minister.
  • It was a tricky problem but I think we’ve licked it.
  •  He’s a tricky fellow to do business with.
  •  Getting it to fit exactly is a tricky business .
  • Hanging a door is quite a tricky job.
  • But the whole question of aid is a tricky political one.
  • He has a deft touch with tricky painting jobs.
  • The tricky street pedlar cheated the girl into giving him all her money.
  • A restaurant has to tread the tricky path between maintaining quality and keeping prices down.
  • Parking can be tricky in the town centre.
  • It’sa bit tricky at first till you get the hang of it.
  • The equipment can be tricky to install.
  • I’m in a bit of a tricky situation really – whatever I do I’ll offend someone.
  • Reyna used a tricky turnaround move to elude the only defender before firing from 8 yards into the empty goal.
  • The next, you’re making speeches to the wind. Tricky customers, ordinary people..

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