These meaning in Urdu

These Meaning in Urdu  – دھکیلنا۔. Know these in urdu & other usage.


These Meaning in Urdu


These Definition:

  • Plural Form of This
  • referring to a specific thing just mentioned.
  • used to introduce someone or something.

These in a Sentence:

  • Had fate brought her to these people who welcomed her as if she were family?
  • Perhaps something that happened to Howie in there and his past is resurrecting these visions!
  • If they could talk, what tales these hills could tell.
  • So there’s no concern these visions may stop completely?
  • You ever ride one of these?
  • You know, I was brought up in these hills.
  • Why hadn’t she anticipated these questions?
  • They carry these at the store where we always shop.
  • I still won’t buy these apparitions are trips to the past.
  • On these occasions she took Tammy with her, and Lisa was left to enjoy her precious solitude.
  • Never would she have guessed such a lavish home existed in these rustic mountains.
  • It was on one of these occasions that she wandered farther than she realized.
  • You’ll have to show me these beautiful flowers.
  • I don’t disagree and God knows I have no more idea what’s causing these visions but they’re ruling his life right now.
  • These visions are totally verifiable in current time.

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