Analogues Meaning in Telugu: అనుకరణాలు, సదృశ వస్తువులు, సమాన వస్తువులు

Pronunciation: /ˈænəˌlɔɡz/

Nearby Words:

  • Noun: analogy – సదృశత, సాదృశ్యం
  • Noun: analog – అనుకరణ, సదృశ
  • Noun: analysis – విశ్లేషణ
  • Noun: analyst – విశ్లేషకుడు

Example Sentences:

  1. Analogues can be found in various fields of study. (Noun)
  2. The analogues between the two situations are striking. (Noun)
  3. She is an expert in data analysis. (Noun)
  4. The analyst provided valuable insights into the market trends. (Noun)

Analogues Synonyms:

  • equivalents
  • correspondents
  • parallels
  • similars


There is no specific antonym for “analogues” in Telugu.

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