Meanings of “an” in Telugu

“An” is a common word in English that does not have a direct translation in Telugu. However, it can be used in various contexts to convey different meanings. Here are a few possible interpretations:

  • ఒక (oka) – one
  • కొన్ని (konna) – some
  • ఒకటి (okati) – a certain
  • కొంత (kontha) – a little

Pronunciation of “an” in Telugu

The word “an” is pronounced as [æn] in Telugu.

Nearby Words

  • Noun: ఒకటి (okati) – one
  • Adjective: కొంత (kontha) – some
  • Adverb: కొన్ని (konna) – a few
  • Verb: పొందు (pondhu) – to get

Example Sentence: నాకు ఒకటి పేరు తెలుసు. (Nāku okati pēru telusu.) – I know a name.

Synonyms of “an”

  • ఒక (oka)
  • కొన్ని (konna)
  • ఒకటి (okati)
  • కొంత (kontha)

Antonyms of “an”

The antonym of “an” in Telugu is ఎవరూ లేని (evarū lēni), which means “none” or “no one”.

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