An allusion is a figure of speech that refers to a well-known person, place, event, or literary work. It is a way for writers to add depth and meaning to their writing by drawing on the reader’s knowledge and understanding of these references. Allusions can be found in various forms of literature, including poetry, novels, and plays.

Meanings in Telugu:

ఆల్లుసియన్స్ (āllusiyansu)




References, mentions, citations, nods

Nearby Words:

– Allude (verb) – ఆల్లూడ్ (āllūḍ)
Meaning: To make an indirect reference or suggestion.
Example: The author likes to allude to historical events in his novels.

– Allusive (adjective) – ఆల్లూసివ్ (āllūsiv)
Meaning: Characterized by indirect references.
Example: The poem is filled with allusive language that requires interpretation.

– Allusively (adverb) – ఆల్లూసివ్లీ (āllūsivlī)
Meaning: In an indirect or suggestive manner.
Example: The speaker allusively hinted at his true intentions.

– Allusiveness (noun) – ఆల్లూసివ్నెస్ (āllūsivnes)
Meaning: The quality of being allusive or making indirect references.
Example: The poet’s allusiveness adds layers of meaning to his work.


Explicit (స్పష్టం, spaṣṭaṁ)

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