Allurements: Meaning and Pronunciation

Allurements, in Telugu language, can be translated as: ఆకర్షణలు (ākarṣaṇalu), ప్రలోభనలు (pralōbhanalu), ఆకర్షణాలు (ākarṣaṇālu).

Pronunciation: [uh-loo r-muhnts]

Synonyms of Allurements

Some synonyms of allurements include: temptations, enticements, seductions, attractions, charms, lures, inducements, appeals, fascinations, and enchantments.

Nearby Words

1. Allure (noun) – ఆకర్షణ (ākarṣaṇa) – The power to attract or charm.

Example: The allure of the beautiful beach drew many tourists.

2. Alluring (adjective) – ఆకర్షకమైన (ākarṣakamaina) – Highly attractive or tempting.

Example: She had an alluring smile that captivated everyone.

3. Allured (verb) – ఆకర్షించిన (ākarṣin̄cina) – Attracted or enticed someone.

Example: The advertisement allured customers with its special offers.


The antonym of allurements in Telugu is నిరాకరణ (nirākaraṇa).

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