Alltogether: Meaning, Pronunciation, Synonyms, and More

Meaning in Telugu: అన్నింటినీటిగా (anniṇṭinīṭigā)

Pronunciation: awl-tuh-geth-er

Synonyms: collectively, as a whole, in unison, simultaneously

Nearby Words:

1. All: (noun) అన్ని (anni) – everything or everyone

Example Sentence: All the students attended the lecture.

2. Together: (adverb) కలిసి (kalisi) – in a group or in close proximity

Example Sentence: Let’s work together to solve this problem.

3. Gather: (verb) కూడాటకు (kūḍāṭaku) – to bring or come together into one place

Example Sentence: We will gather at the park for a picnic.

4. Entire: (adjective) మొత్తం (mottaṁ) – whole or complete

Example Sentence: He read the entire book in one sitting.


The antonym for “alltogether” in Telugu is “విభజించడం” (vibhajincaḍaṁ), which means to separate or divide.

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