Allotments: Meaning and Pronunciation

Allotments, in Telugu language, can be translated as ఆలోచనలు (ālōcanalu), విభజనలు (vibhajanalu), కలిగివేయడానికి (kaligivēyaḍānikī), వితరణలు (vitaraṇalu), పంచుకోవడానికి (pancukōvaḍānikī).

Pronunciation: (uh-lot-muhnts)

Synonyms for Allotments

1. Assignments

2. Allocations

3. Distributions

4. Apportionments

5. Divisions

Nearby Words

1. Allotment (Noun) – ఆలోచన (ālōcana) – The act of allotting or assigning something.

Example: The allotment of funds for the project was approved by the committee.

2. Allot (Verb) – కలిగివేయడానికి (kaligivēyaḍānikī) – To distribute or assign something.

Example: The teacher will allot different tasks to each student.

3. Allocate (Verb) – వితరణలు (vitaranalu) – To set apart or designate for a specific purpose.

Example: The company will allocate a budget for marketing expenses.

4. Division (Noun) – విభజన (vibhajana) – The act or process of dividing or separating something.

Example: The division of labor among team members helped increase efficiency.


The antonym for allotments in Telugu is అనుమతించడం (anumatiṁcaḍaṁ).

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